What we are

  • An asset management company
  • We defend client’s interest
  • A clear and flexible fee structure
  • No conflict of interests
  • Partnership with leading banks
  • Totally independent
  • Infinite universe of investments


What we are not

  • A bank
  • In-house product offering
  • Short term strategy
  • Centralized portfolio management
  • A «hotline»

Our know-how

Socofigest SA is a Swiss company specialised in wealth management and financial advisory, created in Geneva in 1995. We offer you a wide range of tailored services that meet your needs, including:

  • Discretionary asset management
  • Investment advisory
  • Certificates management (AMC)

Our business

As an independent asset manager, our main goal is to defend your interests.

As such, we are affiliated with SO-FIT, "Organisme de Surveillance pour Intermédiaires Financiers et Trustees and the Swiss Association of Independent Financial Advisors (GSCGI), this allows us to meet the standards of the Swiss law against money laundering (LBA) and to meet the requirements of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).

We answer your needs with tailor-made solutions and we manage your assets or/and advise you on investments, adapting ourselves to your expected returns, your risk appetite and your time horizon.

Our revenues come from the management fees, depending on the type of mandate chosen and from commissions that can be perceived with banks or other partners.

How does it work

We establish a tripartite relationship with you, your bank and us. We are your partner for all banking operations. The Bank remains the custody.


Le fonctionnement


This mandate does not provide, to the Bank or to ourselves, the right to dispose of your assets.